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pimp-meI be a gangsta yo, but y’all knew dat n’ mah name is Weezy, I done been DJin up in pubs n’ clubs fo’ over 10 years, n’ fo’ tha last 5 years, I done been also been bustin weddings, partizzles n’ other events up in tha Nottingham area.

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A near-obsessive noize collector as a teen, I used ta spend minutes up in mah bedroom every last muthafuckin week makin compilation tapes fo’ mah dirty ass n’ mah playas. Back then, there weren’t nuff under-18 thugged-out gigs up in tha area, so it wasn’t until we all started lookin oldschool enough dat we started seein live bands. Once dis happened though, there was no stoppin us muthafucka! Us thugs would regularly git all up in at least two gigs a week. Mostly they was local bandz or bandz dat was startin out, so tickets back then was only all dem quid each. One Mondizzle night, we gots ta peep a almost-unknown crew called Radiohead play up in tha bar of Trent Poly on a wet-ass Mondizzle night fo’ realz. After that, we all became even mo’ obsessed wit noize up in one form or another n’ shit. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Some wit makin beatz, others wit listenin ta it fo’ realz. After we all went ta Uni, it gave our asses even mo’ of a reason ta regularly visit each other n’ shit. mo’ live venues ta go peep bandz our slick asses loved dawwwg!

After bustin mah late teens up in various clubs round tha UK, n’ goin ta a unhealthy amount of live gigs, i started ta become disillusioned wit tha noize played at clubnights, thankin ta mah dirty ass “I could do mo’ betta than that!”. Whilst at university, I gots mah dirty ass a thang at Nottingham’s ROCK CITY where i patiently peeped tha resident DJs, peepin’ what tha fuck works, n’ how tha fuck ta read a cold-ass lil crowd. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Eventually, afta a thugged-out fadeden Chrizzle party, I gots behind tha decks, n’ ended up DJin fo’ a cold-ass lil couple hours. Back then, dat shiznit was all Indie n’ Alternatizzle dat i played yo, but tha bug had gots me…

Dat shiznit was 1997, n’ big-ass beat was just startin ta come all up in cause I gots dem finger-lickin’ chickens wit tha siz-auce. I was listenin ta a shitload of electronic noize (Orbital, Fatboy Slim, Aphex Twin, etc) n’ one night I gots home wit a pile of vinyl from Selectadisc. One of dem recordz was “Disco Machine Gun” by tha Lo Fidelitizzle Allstars. My fuckin tiny lil mind was blown! fo’ tha next couple years, i devoured anythang on Skint n’ Ninja Tune. Unfortunately, I was hustlin almost full-time at RKO (what is now tha Rescue Rooms) where tha noize policy was mostly NOW! compilations n’ pop beatz. Drop dis like itz hot! as a result of this, dat shiznit was either find what tha fuck dat shiznit was wit chart pop dat was good, or go menstrual.

I chose tha forma n’ shit. afta listenin ta tha likez of Take That n’ tha Spice Hoes over n’ over again, suttin’ inside clicked. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! I wasn’t like locked n loaded ta admit it at dat point yo, but I had become a cold-ass lil closet chart pop fan!

Around tha same time, Oasis, Blur n’ tha nu-metal lil playas was gettin big-ass fo’ realz. Aside from Korn’s first mixtape, there had been hardly anythang dat had made me excited. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! This type’a shiznit happens all tha time. I delved deeper tha fuck into roundin up mah early 90s indie collection, as well as buyin every last muthafuckin skint white label dat passed all up in Selectadisc. Yo ass could say i was obsessed wit buyin noize fo’ realz. At one point, i was blowin upwardz of £75 a week on CDs n’ vinyl. tha rest of mah wages went on goin ta gigs n’ havin a phat time.

Da next couple muthafuckin years flew past. I started bustin a regular night up in tha pub I was hustlin at alongside mah playa Mark yo, but afta tha pub was sold n’ turned tha fuck into a cold-ass lil cuban themed bar, n’ I gots a proper thang dat straight-up paid mah crazy ass ta play on tha internizzle all day, tha DJin took a funky-ass back seat. I moved house, looted mah first set of decks n’ a mixer, n’ became a “bedroom DJ” where i would hone mah mixin game, n’ spend minutes hustlin up what tha fuck joints would work well together.

Yo, skip forward a cold-ass lil couple years, n’ I’m co-runnin tha Rock Citizzle joint alongside mah phat playa Russ.  Dude gets a gig playin early 90s indie up in tha Rig, n’ I start helpin out. “Charley Says” was a weekly/monthly night where we gots ta play PWEI, Mackdaddymaker, n’ rave noize which, by then wasn’t straight-up what tha fuck gots played up in tha main hall at rock hood fo’ realz. After a while, Charley Says gave way ta Cap-proof! a weekly night wit mostly tha same sort of music.

After Cap-proof ended it’s run, we moved ta Da Oldskool Vic. a legendary Nottingham venue, where we ran a monthly night which was also notable fo’ bein tha straight-up original gangsta clubnight where we started fuckin wit wit laptop DJing. Unfortunately, tha venue was sold shortly afterwardz n’ turned tha fuck into a wack cabaret venue, so we moved tha night ta Spidaz (at tha original gangsta Cookie Club venue), where tha night became mo’ n’ mo’ alternatizzle up in steez as it progressed. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! By tha time tha venue closed up in 2003, tha laptop was bein used mo’ n’ mo’ ta supplement tha big-ass case of CDs dat gots lugged around.

Over tha course of tha next few years, I was DJin on mah own mo’ n’ more, playin all sortz of bars n’ parties. Put ya muthafuckin choppers up if ya feel dis! playin every last muthafuckin thang from Dub ta funky-ass Rock, Alternatizzle anthems, n’ a funky-ass bar-friendly assortment of randomness. Fortunately, up in 2003, Herculez busted out tha DJ Console. a STD device dat let you not only mix mp3′s together seamlessly yo, but ta also monitor tha other channel up in order ta properly cue up tracks. Dat shiznit was a revolution dat handily fitted inside tha laptop bag.

Word gots around, n’ I started bustin tha occasionizzle Weddin reception, Birthdizzle Jam n’ corporate gig. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Sometimes i would be bustin a private gig between 3pm n’ 10pm, then racin off ta a cold-ass lil club ta do 10:30-3am fo’ realz. Almost 12 minutez of solid jam tunes muthafucka! As you can’t be up in two places at once, other local DJ’s provide occasionizzle cover n’ support rockin a second (backup) laptop n’ set of shit. these days, tha vinyl n’ CDs rarely git used. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Well shiiiit, it is just too much hassle luggin all of dat kit round when you can carry 20,000 joints up in one lil’ small-ass rucksack n’ even git tha bus ta tha venue biaatch!

In December 2006, I DJed a Chrizzle jam all up in tha Rescue Rooms, where Joey Chickenskin played some joints, n’ I played some christmas tunes. afta tha set, i started playin some dancefloor fillers, n’ it went down so well wit tha crowd, i was given a monthly residency up in tha red room. On January 13th 2007, Da Milkman was born! providin all tha pop n’ funky-ass hip-hop you could eva need, n’ fillin tha room regularly eva since.

Celebratin mmmha!’s fifth birthdizzle up in January 2011 tha night has gone from strength ta strength ballin Best Club Night all up in tha Nottingham Bar & Club Awardz fo’ tha last two muthafuckin years hustlin (2009/2010) as part of Stealth Vs Rescued.

Specialist Areas:
pop (90′s-present), hip hop, indie, rave, alternative, rock, Big Beat

Other areas dat can be covered easily:
60′s-2000′s general, ass & motown (inc northern soul), dub.

this bio was originally run through gizoogle, but it amused me far too much, so i added it here!